Enjoying with the whole family in East Frisia

Well Supplied in the Familotel North Sea

To feel well on vacation, the culinary part must be right. For that reason, there is a culinary paradise to discover besides other marvelous things. We thought of everyone at it: little as well as big gourmets are supposed to be happy at our place.

Not only the choice of food but also the atmosphere at our place feels like being at a big family table: we not let ourselves get worked up. Certainly, we serve child-oriented dishes – that way we have won every finicky eater and all fidgets over to our side up to now. Moreover, we have won the parents over: dishes and beverages for children are inclusive at our place.

Do you have allergy sufferers in your family or live a specific diet? If requested and with previous announcement, we prepare gluten- and lactose-free or dietetic food. Inform us already at booking, so we are able to be prepared.

Break the morning with an extensive East Frisian breakfast buffet: tea bar with green, red and black teas, herbal teas, an extensive cereal corner, fruit salad, milk, cacao, various curds and yoghurts, hearty egg dishes with crispy bacon and breakfast sausages, little pancakes, cheese and sausage specialties, a wide range of marmalade, honey and much more.

Certainly, we prepared a baby buffet for the little ones. Here, we offer baby food, dairy goods and baby menus. Even the little ones are able to eat theirs fill depending on taste.

Families need regular mealtimes, this requires of course a lunchtime. We serve soup or salad and a main dish. Afterwards, you deserve a lunch break to regain your strength for the afternoon.

Afternoons, we offer a break at our cake buffet. Savor an extensive range of little sweet things and a delicious coffee specialty or a tea.

To conclude the day, savor our daily changing dinner buffets: savor crisp salads, freshly steamed or fried fish, spicy meat from pork, beef or chicken, various seasonal vegetables in cream or natural, gratin, roast potatoes, croquettes, fries or boiled potatoes at a glass of wine or drawn beer. Attributable to the region, we serve certainly North Sea fish and East Frisian sushi: look forward to it; since, this is delicious. As dessert, we offer various desserts from Mousse au Chocolate to red berry compote to Jell-O to various creams and cupcakes. Plus, delicious popsicles for the little ones every day.

Between the mealtimes, our hotel bar is opened. Here, you are able to help yourself with cold and hot nonalcoholic drinks at no extra charge all day long.

The bar, we have furnished for you, is right beside the reception. Here, our gallery with cozy armchairs invites to relax, read, and rest or to write postcards. Evenings we would love to open occasionally a splendid wine for you.


Wake already up with the scent of fresh coffee and crispy rolls in the morning and find everything the heart desires.


Mornings are appetizing. At lunchtime, savor a soup or salad, a main dish and a little dessert are next. After that have a short break and then start into the afternoon!

'Teetied' - Tea Time

This is the time in the afternoon, when Head and stomach long for a hot drink and a sweet piece of cake – certainly, this is a highlight in East Frisia!

Dinner Buffet

Dine together in the evening and recall the day: We invite everybody to buffet.


When the children are put to bed, the time for mum and dad starts. Very well, savor a delicious drink at our hotel bar!

Seasonal Extras

The regional and seasonal cuisine frequently presents highlights. Asparagus, strawberries, local fruits, pumpkins... we love to prepare these foods to indulge you.

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