Norden Norddeich Is Your Temporary Base

Family Fun in Norddeich and East Frisia

"We go to the seaside" - these words already have its own kind of magic. However, there is much more to discover and to experience in Norden. Particularly, Norddeich is a wonderful holiday resort for all vacationists; here, for families in particular many things are offered.

In the sea or in the adventure pool Ocean Wave, Swimmers get their money’s worth. Certainly, one will find sandcastle makers along the dykes perennial. However, in the case of bad weather or people who prefer to keep dry get also many things offered. For instance, there is much to discover in the museum “Waloseum” and the seal station.

A name with a hyphen and yet still two different places: Norden and Norddeich. Norden is rated as the oldest city in East Frisia, whereas Norddeich is one of the youngest. Here, something is always going on and there is an exciting program all year long. One of the highlights is the kite festival at which the colored kite shapes are impressively in the sky.

From downtown to the surrounding area: Culture with children might be challenging; however, our museums and mills, lighthouses, as well as the enchanting castles and parks of the surrounding area invite whole families. Some discover history and information; others experience the adventures of bygone princesses and knights.

Certainly, the sea invites to go by ship, which is perfectly made for trips to the islands. Alternatively, one can take an excursion boat for a wonderful trip.


Here, it is provincial with wonderful brick buildings and small shops. Norddeich itself is an urban district of Norden, which is about four kilometers out of the city center. Tourists and inhabitants daily enjoy it to be and to live in the oldest city of East Frisia. While parents appreciate the cultural identity of the city or find necessaries and nice souvenirs in the shops, children certainly prefer the playgrounds and delicious ice cream.

Seal Station

The seal station is very active according animal and nature protection. Best of all: One can get a read of this work. Make use of it, this knowledge is of value.

The Museum "Waloseum"

The flora and fauna of the North Sea is multifarious. Whales - as the name implies - are part of it; however, the exhibition is measurably more extensive. Discover our little big world.

City Tour

Norden ‘North’ is not only a cardinal direction, but also a city, whose history is characterized by the sea, pirates, feuds of the headman families and the successful battle against the Vikings. A thrilling city tour is guaranteed.


There is much more to discover in our museums. No matter if tea, automotive, toy, rail or radio museum - we will find the very thing for you.

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