The East Frisian Coast Has Plenty to Offer

East Frisia: Extraordinary at all Times

We as East Frisians are characteristically warm-hearted, great holiday hosts and much more. The Frisian freedom describes these elusive characteristics as historical vehicle. It is reminiscent of the little Gallic village. After a spectacular victory for their warlord at that time - Charles the Great, the Frisians were granted never to be supervised by an emperor. Hence, they played a special role from then on in Germany – or what is called Germany nowadays.

The brave warriors kept proving their strength: In the battle of Norden (back then still recorded as Nordendi), the Frisians get the Vikings to beat retreat from East Frisia. The little Gallic village was alone again...

Certainly, there were headmen in East Frisia. Several centuries long, various tribes fought power struggles for supremacy. Details on ruling houses and much more will be found on Wikipedia in the category „East Frisia“.


All of East Frisia in one day: a model landscape on a scale of 1:87 of the East Frisian region is located in a large hall with an area of 1200 sq m in Leer. Villages with its sights and the East Frisian scenery with its islands and the coast are on view. In the third biggest miniature world in Germany, the whole East Frisian region can be sightseen and explored.


The art gallery in Emden is a landmark on the map of art lovers. The exhibition with its artworks of the classical modernism is ambitious. Frequently, the art gallery attracts with special exhibitions on essential subjects and with famous artists.  


The lighthouse of Campen is the highest in Germany with a height of 63.3 m. Who finishes first the 308 steps? That one deserves ice cream. 

Abbey Ihlow

Once, Abbey Ihlow was one of the most important abbeys in the Dutch and the Northwest German area. In the course of the reformation, Abbey Ihlow was destroyed and built up again. Besides tours over the premises of Abbey Ihlow, youth games in the forest and adventure tours for the whole family are offered.


The "MitMach"-museum Miraculum annually stages another theme. Watch out! This is not a normal museum, but the name says it all! Therefore, each year the children dive into another world with different topics and experience physically the epoch, which is issued. 2016/2017 they could dress like Romans, 2019 they could travel with a time machine through different times or 2020 they could hide from dinosaurs and 2021? Take pot luck!

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