Your Journey to Us at the North Sea Coast

Your journey to the Hotel Deichkrone

The hotel is easeful but central located within the holiday residential area of Norden-Norddeich not far from the North Sea.

Hotel Deichkrone
Familotel North Sea
Flüthörn 2a
26506 Norden-Norddeich

Phone: +49 4931 9282828
Fax: +49 4931 9282888


In Norden, one will reach us either directly via B72 or via L4 and the new connection of the new through road of Norden (follow road signposts). As destination, one can enter Flüthörn 2 in the navigation device (our house number 2a does not yet exist). In the case of Navigon software, please enter Flüthörn/Itzendorfplate.

Alternatively, one can choose the following routing starting from Norden:

  • Follow the new through road of Norden about 6 km as far as the second roundabout. Then take the third exit in the direction of Norden-Nord and Norddeich. Avoid the second exit Norddeich-Hafen.

  • After leaving the roundabout, one is travelling now on the Ostermarscher Landstraße.

  • At the traffic light, please go straight on onto the Itzendorfer Straße.
    If one comes from downtown area of Norden, follow the B72 - Norddeicher Straße - as far as the junction of Itzendorfer Straße and Ostermarscher Straße. Then turn left at this traffic light into the Itzendorfer Straße.

  • After about 3 km, leave the Itzendorfer Straße and turn right into Dörper Weg > adventure pool. Then, after passing the adventure pool „Ocean Wave“ and the parking lot driveway, about 50 meters later, turn left into Muschelweg.

  • Then drive along the Muschelweg approximately 170 meters and keep to the right at the point of separation. On your left, one can already see our building with the crowns, which is to pass by and turn left into Flüthörn. At the end of the street turn left again, then one reaches our parking lot on the left-hand side.



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