Swimming at and in the North Sea

Learn to Swim for Children

Our hotel pool is one of main attractions in the Hotel Deichkrone. Here, the little ones can dabble and frolic around, while the adults are free to join them or to watch them from recreation room.

Many a little hotel guest maybe gains experience with bathing and swimming in the baby pool at a comfortably warm temperature.

It is obvious that water lovers meet here for bathing “indoors” if the sea is not inviting.

Learn to swim is very important: it is not only having fun but also a basic skill like walking or cycling. As parents, you know the child is able to help themselves, whether in the swimming pool or in a lake. Even in sea water, the new trained “flipper” is able to stay entirely different in water next to mum and dad if (s)he is a master of the technique and is able to move on in water.

We think it is important to teach children how to swim and notice that this skill cannot be taken for granted anymore. Even more, we set ourselves to teach the children how to swim in a relaxed and stress-free surrounding.

Our swimming bath accompanied already many proud new swimmers at their first laps. Many parents were allowed to sew the proudly acquired swimming badge on the swimsuit with the sewing set of the hotel room – take the opportunity to venture this big step calmly in the vacation and without the everyday stress.


Bathe in the Sea

Certainly, the North Sea is most notably a wet element inviting all to swim, splash around and bathe feet. Depending on weather situation, it takes guts to plunge into water – who is first?

Hotel Pool

Our guests can quickly and without complications swim in our indoor pool. The water temperature is warm enough even for the tiniest guests. 

Swimming bath

Learn quickly how to swim in the holidays: the swimming bath is part of our constant range. Many children already made their first swim strokes with us and quickly and confidently learnt the swimming movement in class.

Our swimming course will be accomplished with three participating children from Monday to Friday and takes about 30 minutes. 30 minutes swimming lesson cost € 10.00 per child. The same is true for the baby swimming course.

OceanWave Norddeich

Ocean Wave is a salt-water indoor pool that provides many fun factors. Just check it out as trip for the whole family. Our tip: the wave pool but principally the lighthouse with water slide.

bade:haus Norderney

The bade:haus Norderney takes the elements water and Wadden Sea as its subject, which are brilliantly implemented in particular for families. Look forward to the sandworm slide, the water street and an outdoor area. Moreover, a spa is in place to regain strength.

BadeWerk Neuharlingersiel

If you are looking for wellness and relaxation, this is the place to be. The BadeWerk presents a large wellness area, a sauna area and a extensive workout program.

Nordseetherme Bensersiel

Besides lots of fun in the adventure pool, you are able to relax in the sauna and wellness area. A team of physical therapists provides medical applications and more.

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