The Steppingstone for East Frisia

Explore the Surrounding Area

In Norden-Norddeich and "around", as the phrase goes, there are so many exciting things to discover – thus, one would have to extend its vacation.

We as a team always have great tips for your day trips; so, we certainly help you along personally. Hence, we represent you a slight abstract and some of our highlights in the adjoining foldout tool.

Details along with it, flyer, reservation opportunities and myriads of other tips we should simply clarify on site. There is simply so much to discover that we are sometimes in a quandary to know what we shall recommend first.

Naturally, we willingly help you along if you want to hire equipment for your activity. Several things we have available in-house and many other things are available on each spot.

Needless to say, we look already forward to your report when you return in the evening and experienced an excellent day.


The fauna of the North Sea is impressive: whales anyway, but there is much more to discover. Let's go!

Lighthouse Campen

The famous lighthouse in Campen looks odd: surrounded by a scaffold, it reminds of the Eiffel Tower. Certainly, this is only a vague similarity since we only have originals!

Dat Otto Huus

A house that tells of Otto Waalkes: there are indeed more than enough stories. If the best-known humorous Frisian comes up for discussion, everyone has its very own highlight.

Art Gallery Emden

The art gallery Emden by itself is already worth a visit. Enjoy world-class arts in a highly sophisticated exhibition, an intellectual input in the middle of a holiday idyll.

Castle Dornum

Discover history, experience romance and dream a bit - the water castle invites you to travel through old times. Learn more at a visit. 

East Frisian Tea Museum

Coffee or tea? Those who go to East Frisia should consider their answer very well, since tea is the national drink of the East Frisians. Would you like to learn more about the history of the tea and the manner of drinking it? A visit in the tea museum makes it possible.

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