Experience Actively East Frisia

No Matter If Walking, Surfing, Cycling or Golfing, Be Active with the Whole Family Outdoors

The nature at the North Sea invites to be active. Parents are conscious of the effect of the good North Sea air. Children are enthusiastic about the sea, the beach, the vastness of the landscape and the unending possibilities to spend time outdoors. With view onto the Wadden Sea and the East Frisian islands one finds relaxation in the vacation and a wonderful compensation of everyday life.

Everyone has to find its own speed: the opportunities reach from walking to jogging to cycling to canoeing and much more. Just ask us regarding routes and equipment for your activities. We know not only the surrounding area inside out but also keep one or two things available for hiring. You see, we are well prepared for everyone who feels like being active due to the landscape.

Memories are made here: The sweeps of the horizons of East Frisian landscape, the UNESCO world heritage Wadden Sea, the tides, the beaches and the backcountry.

In East Frisia, copious cycle ways, as well as a nature adventure "paddle and pedal", which combines cycling and canoeing, are available. That way all casual and hobby cyclists get theirs money worth. Certainly, the ways along the dykes invite to hike, walk, jog or stroll. However, to depart from those ways to wander through the scenery and over the beaches is inviting and inspiring too.

Are you a golfer or would you like to become one? Enjoy the golf course in Lütetsburg with the whole family. Here, beginners start to enjoy the game as well as skilled golfers meet their challenges.

By the way, we experienced that the proverbial weather in East Frisia is the greatest fun especially for the little ones. We have much more sunshine hours than one would expect; however, it is great fun as well to jump into the next puddle with both gumboots – though it is our concern what the corridor will look like afterwards!


Our beautiful East Frisian landscape is made for cycling. No matter if you choose individual routes or follow wonderful and well-signposted tour suggestions, there is many to discover. We inform you with pleasure of the cycle path network and sights, which are found on the wayside.

A Great Deal of Golf

In front of the backdrop of the chateau ensemble, the golf facility chateau Lütetsburg offers you two 18-hole golf courses and close to the hotel you find the adventure miniature golf facility.

Paddle & Pedal

If you like to be active outside, you could become acquainted with the scenery behind the dyke during a tour by water and bike.

Here, we inform you about canoe routes and prices of the Paddle & Pedal stations.

Kiting and Surfing

The surf school in Norddeich affords you to learn surfing and kiting. Due to the geographical location, at all wind directions training is possible. In addition, the water level brings off perfect conditions for beginners and advanced persons.

Distery Tour

Heads up, crime fans! The Distery Tour is the very thing for those who are eager to guess in TV-Series like "Crime of the Scene" & co. Assist the investigators of the books by Klaus-Peter Wolf in deducing and solving tricky riddles.

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