The Teens

Teenscare and Terrific Animation During Holidays

Who mixed already cocktails themselves? At our cocktail parties, everyone is a barkeeper and designs their own cocktails. Do you prefer bowling or adventure golfing? No problem! Football table, Tipp - Kick, table tennis and much more are also available for you. With the sportsmen and women among yourselves, we go to the climbing forest or visit the skateboard ground in Aurich. Windsurfing, sailing or kite surfing, in the summer months from May to September are no problem, there are trial courses beachfront; we would love to accompany you the first time.

For the creative folks among you, dream catcher, napkin decoupage, designing pictures of all kind and much more are on the agenda. Oh well, if you are not in the mood for doing anything, then we still have our "Snoozle” room for chilling out and withdrawing.


Climbing is so multifaceted: it exercises strength, stamina, coordination, agility and much more. Above all, it is a fantastic feeling to reach on top and to see what you have overcome. 

Kiting & Surfing

Fun on the water: feet on the surfboard and a kite instead of a sail in your hands: so you will again re-experience speed.


Skaters are in paradise at the North Sea: flat ways with some challenges and obstacles, which are necessary to break through. Check it out and enjoy the view onto the sea as well: where else do you come by this?


The bowl with the three holes as well as ten bowling pins are a challenge to skill and coordination: let's go on with a strike!

Crime Caching

Are you a fan of thrilling crime stories? Are you a passionate cyclist? Then, we have the very outing tip for you! Catch your smartphone and your bike and your crime adventure at the fresh North Sea air can start. Click here for more information!

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