Including Loving Care

Childcare in the Baby and Toddler Club Seahorse

Babies need quite a lot love, affection and attention. They prefer regularity and are pleased with - like the mum as well - a great deal of rest.

Hence, you are able to enjoy this rest as well; we ensure you a lovely childcare of 50 hours on 6 days a week.

Weekly schedule of the Happy-Club Seahorse

Our smallest guests are able to go on a wonderful journey of discovery in our newly furnished Seahorse club. Many playing opportunities for sensing, grabbing, testing, climbing and sliding are inviting to stay. Depending on the age of the children, we also offer musical games as well as hand-movement and clapping games or creative bricolages.
The little ones scent the healthy North Sea air and frolic around outdoors at our trips to the sea or playgrounds in our children’s buses.

Our trained caretakers affectionately take care of your smallest family members. Certainly, we take over the care at lunch on 6 days a week if requested – there is also enough time, tranquility and a cozy bed for a restful afternoon nap after the baby bottle or menu.

Child Safety TÜV

We think of everything in the Familotel, so that you are able to enjoy your recreation and your family time. Therefore, we are extensively TÜV-certified and perfectly safe. This is true for both the large and the small scale; however, the details matter.

50 Hours of Childcare per Week

Vacation is always the chance to take some time out for yourself or your partner relationship while knowing that the little ones looked after. Our trained caretakers are attentive and lovely to our youngest guests - just enjoy it to be yourself and experience a relaxed vacation with your baby at the North Sea.

Weekly schedule of the Happy-Club Seahorse from 18/10/2021 to 24/10/2021

Weekly schedule of the Happy-Club Seahorse from 25/10/2021 to 31/10/2021

Professional Childcare with Trained Staff

Our caretakers are extensively trained and qualified. They have a substantial pedagogical knowledge, a wide-ranging practical experience. Moreover, they regularly attend first aid courses for caretakers.

Cost-Free Baby and Toddler Equipment

Your car trunk can respire and you are able to stow your bag: the voluminous basics we have in stock. Among these are baby strollers, buggies, baby monitors, vaporizers, bottle warmers and much more. At table, there is separately available children's dishes, baby food, baby menus, as well as milk. This should make your luggage easier for you!

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