Here, Your Kids Discover East Frisia

Action for children at 3 years of age and over

Finally, its holiday time! Finally, there is time for children and parents.

Take jointly action, but also have time for yourself. At our place, you are able to have both. There are plenty opportunities to take action with children in Norddeich, at the North Sea and on the East Frisian islands. Moreover, in the Hotel Deichkrone - Familotel North Sea, children have many possibilities to enjoy eminently mum and dad – or to the contrary, busy themselves without their parents.

For this purpose, we offer 50 hours childcare a week for your children at 3 years of age and over:

For instance, experience adventures on horseback on the Western Plaats or at a canoe race in the Leybucht. In the guise of a pirate with a saber in the hand, we are on the track of pirate Limping Leg to reclaim our treasure! Moreover as knight or princess, we delve into the world of fairytales. That way stories come true which you considered impossible. Your parents will afterwards marvel at your reports. Perhaps, they cannot imagine one or two things – but you certainly know it better!

Creativity is not limited as well: there is something for every child, since we offer cloth painting, kite designing, making shell glasses and much more. Wonderful souvenirs for home come into being and who knows if we discover one or two creative hobbyists.

This and much more await you in the Happy-Club Starfish. We are jointly active and witness the craziest stories. In doing so, no corner of the hotel will be safe from us and no mystery will be untold – Cross our heart! The vacation with your baby at the North Sea will be relaxed - even this is possible.

From now on, you will find the weekly schedules of the childcare in the Happy-Club Starfish here.

Child Safety TÜV

We think of everything in the Familotel, so that you are able to enjoy your recreation and your family time. Therefore, we are extensively TÜV-certified and perfectly safe. This is true for both the large and the small scale; however, the details matter.

Childcare Hours

Your children will experience games and fun at 50 hours at 6 days per week with our trained hosts.

Weekly schedule of the Happy-Club Starfish from 29/11/2021 to 21/12/2021

Weekly schedule of the Happy-Club Starfish from 20/12/2021 to 26/12/2021

Weekly schedule of the Happy-Club Starfish from 27/12/2021 to 02/01/2022

Children's Kitchen for Jointly Cooking and Baking

Cooking, baking, working in the kitchen: for many toddlers, it is exciting to watch what the elder do; particularly, to see where the food comes from and how it looks before piling on the plate; and certainly, we have a taste of the food. We cook and bake linked to the seasons and experience delicious adventures.

Action Room

Here, a lot is going on: it will be frolicked around, played and stories experienced in the action room: the action room is even open out of childcare hours for playing.


Best of all is obviously the fresh air in good weather. The outdoorness becomes exciting with our playground. We thought of every age and provided appropriate play equipment and fun for all. Check it out now for yourself.

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